02 Jul 2020

At present, the truck industry is booming. With the good cars coming one after another, the demand for car buyers varies greatly. Truck brands cannot keep the market and continue to develop with a single advantage. Beiben V3ET is a very concerned model with its own self-developed control technology. With the consumer's increasing demand for control experience as an entry point, Beiben V3ET naturally won the user's award.

The acceleration of the whole car of Beiben V3HT is very good. The driving mode adopts 6X4, which allows it to reach the maximum horsepower of 460. The gearbox is selected as a manual gearbox of Fast, which has a total of 12 gears. The speed of the entire power system is very smooth, and there will be no setbacks to change gears. Beiben Heavy Truck tunes the Beiben V3ET by using high-level tuning skills, and the gearbox and power engine become the best partners to cooperate with each other. Stepping on the accelerator with your right foot, you can feel the continuous dynamic response, so that the owner's confidence can be effectively improved. Its maximum torque is 2100, and the maximum speed can reach 89 km/h, which is more bright than the similar competitors of Beiben V3ET. In general, the power performance of Beiben V3ET is very competitive among the same class models.

Overall, the reason why the Beiben V3ET is mainly concerned by car buyers is inseparable from its control advantages. Its play in appearance, power, space, safety and energy consumption is also commendable, and all the advantages are particularly suitable. The needs of car owners. Compared with its competing models, the comprehensive price-performance ratio of Beiben V3ET seems more sincere. In general, in today's diversified automotive products, the key to the success of automobiles lies in the accurate positioning, just like the Beiben V3ET. For this Beiben V3ET with a slightly higher intrinsic value, do you have different opinions?

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