11 Nov 2021

Good news! Beiben Heavy Duty Truck successfully obtained hydrogen fuel commercial vehicle qualification

On November 9, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Announcement on Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products" (the 350th batch) was released. The announcement of Beiben Heavy Duty Truck’s first hydrogen fuel cell truck chassis was successfully released in this batch, marking Beiben Heavy Duty Truck officially obtained the qualification of hydrogen fuel commercial vehicle.

Qualification admission of hydrogen fuel commercial vehicles is a systematic project, with tight time, heavy tasks and great difficulties. With the care and help of the Ordnance Industry Group, the autonomous region government, and the Baotou municipal government, under the great attention and strong promotion of the company’s leaders, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Planning Assets will organize the new energy business department, process research center, quality management department, and assembly The company, equipment energy center, intelligent network and information business department, organization personnel department, service guarantee department, Beiyan company and other relevant departments set up special working groups. Multiple rounds of program communication and on-site review have successfully completed prototype development, data preparation, equipment transformation, and infrastructure construction, and successfully won the battle.

The development of new energy hydrogen fuel vehicles has become a major strategic demand and industry orientation in my country. Beiben Heavy Truck will continue to build the hydrogen fuel heavy truck industry chain, improve product series, and lay a solid foundation for the company to achieve high-quality development, and to build Baotou-Foshan Hydrogen Fuel demonstration city clusters provide strong support, promote the transformation and upgrading of Inner Mongolia's equipment manufacturing industry, and help achieve the national "dual carbon" goal.

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