15 Dec 2021

For commercial vehicle manufacturers, the development, production and sales of new energy heavy trucks are new opportunities and new tracks. Under the competition, Beiben heavy-duty trucks came to the fore. In July 2018, Beiben Heavy Truck New Energy Project Department began to develop new energy heavy trucks. In just one year, Beiben heavy truck 31-ton electric dump trucks won a beautiful victory and established a good reputation.

Many card friends have sufficient curiosity about this car. Today, a reporter from China Truck Network will take everyone to learn more about this car.

When it comes to pure electric trucks, the car friends are most concerned about the vehicle's endurance and charging convenience. In these two aspects, Beiben heavy-duty truck 31-ton pure electric heavy-duty truck can be said to be a reassurance for the majority of carders. The official mileage data is 250km (40km constant velocity method).

Since the cruising range is sufficient, the remaining problem is the charging time. At present, the charging time of electric vehicles is plagued by most users who want to buy pure electric trucks. The common fast-charging models on the market require at least 2-3 hours to fully charge once. , For commercial vehicles, 2-3 hours is too extravagant.

In order to solve this problem, Beiben heavy-duty truck 31-ton electric dump trucks use battery replacement for battery life. The battery is directly replaced at the station. The battery replacement time is less than 6 minutes, which is slightly faster than the time to fill a tank. The replaced battery uses dual-gun DC fast charging, and it takes less than 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery. It is rare for the current pure electric heavy trucks to have such a fast charging speed.

In terms of power configuration, Beiben heavy-duty truck 31-ton electric dump truck uses a permanent magnet synchronous high-speed motor, with a peak power of 360kw and a torque of 2100N.m. The power far exceeds that of the same-sized fuel vehicle; the transmission has a 7-speed manual and automatic integrated transmission. Box, manual and automatic switching at any time, easy to drive.

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