04 Jul 2019

As a truck driver, everyone is driving on the road all the year round, and driving safety is always the most important. With the frequent occurrence of heavy-duty truck safety accidents, “safe operation” has become the most important issue for the majority of heavy-duty truck drivers, and the safety performance of vehicles has increasingly become an important factor for users to choose cars. It is obviously important to choose a truck with a high safety factor and stable vehicle performance.

The following small series introduces you to a new V3ET elite tractor that was launched in 2019 by Beiben Heavy Truck to see how safe the truck is.

Large field of view: 20% increase in visible area, wider viewing range, no visual dead angle, and improved active safety; large curvature, panoramic, laminated tempered windshield, low deformation mirror, omnidirectional view; extremes occur Collision, the glass does not splash, to avoid fragmentation.

European-style electric mirror, no blind spot: main mirror, wide-angle lens, rear view mirror, wide field of view, meet the European ECER46 standard. Mirror surface electric adjustment, large field of view, electric heating defrosting.

Brake response is fast and braking distance is short: VOSS structure brake pipe system, brake system pressure is increased to 10.5bar, braking reaction time is shortened by 0.6s compared with competing products, and braking distance of 60km/h is reduced by 7.2m. Improve security.

Advanced design concept: Mercedes-Benz double-cavity structure + high-strength skeleton cab, effectively ensuring the living space inside the cab.

Real material: The cab is made of 1mm thick ST12, ST14, ST16 custom high-strength special steel plate, high strength and impact resistance.

The collapsible steering machine automatically collapses when an impact occurs, ensuring the driver's living space. (Bei Ben patent: ZL200810175091.7).

Cab blasting technology: The cab and frame connection assembly is fully optimized. When the violent impact occurs, the cab moves back 300mm. In case of higher impact, Beiben's exclusive cab automatically rotates right rearward. From the technology, to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

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