08 Jul 2019

A few days ago, Beiben Heavy Duty Truck 2019 Business Annual Meeting was held in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. At the same time, in 2019, V3ET will be serialized, and the original V3MT will be replaced by the elite version, which is mainly economical and lightweight. The Excellence Edition will continue the high efficiency and high reliability of the V3ET, while the Extreme Edition will be the high-end model.

The V3ET Extreme Edition is positioned in the import substitution, not only adopting the highest specifications of the same series in terms of configuration, but also meeting the national six emission standards.

In addition to meeting the national standards in terms of emissions, the Bei Ben V3ET Extreme Edition is at the forefront of the market, with 550 hp, engine brakes, automatic transmissions, hydraulic retarders, full disc brakes, active safety systems and more. Performance is also at the forefront of the market.

At present, this car has not yet officially listed, but with the above configuration, once the car is on the market, its competitive strength in the field of high-end tractors cannot be underestimated.

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