08 Jul 2019

On July 7, 2019, it was learned that Beiben Heavy-duty Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and Ordos Hongyutong Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. conducted a regional tour exhibition. The tour area was Xuejiawan Mining Area of Zhungeer Banner, Erdos City. The aim is to further enhance the regional brand influence of Beiben Heavy Truck.

The event came to the Heihuagou Coal Mine of Shenhua Group and carried out a large-scale 2538KK pit car tour. At the scene, the staff distributed promotional materials for the users and friends, organized the test drive experience of the vehicle, and conducted a professional car-by-car explanation. User friends praised the quality of Beiben Heavy Truck, and expressed close attention to the Beiben brand. At the same time, it put forward valuable suggestions for the details of the vehicle.

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