23 Dec 2019

Beiben Heavy Truck Accehive New Sales

As we all know, due to the impact of macro environmental risks, the cold wave of the auto market in the previous year continued in 2019, and the trucking industry continued to be sluggish, which caused the heavy truck market to be less optimistic. However, it was unexpected that the heavy truck market Get active again.

China's heavy truck industry has a long history of accumulation and determination, and has won recognition from customers for its advantages of high cost performance, high comfort and high adaptability. To say that the most popular heavy truck in the recent period is the Beiben heavy truck developed by Beiben Heavy Duty Truck. With its unique Mercedes-Benz technology, rigorous and leading military technology, and the integration of sales, service, and spare parts in the construction of an integrated marketing network, Beiben Heavy Truck has continued to be popular in the market and its sales have doubled. Selecting Beiben Heavy Truck is more reliable and safe. Mercedes-Benz technology, produced by weapons.

V3ET Elite Edition is launched to seize the market and intends to set the industry benchmark and lead the technology trend. This V3ET Elite Edition still continues Beiben's unique Mercedes-Benz technology, rigorous leading military technology, and adjustments in appearance, chassis and interior.

Perfect appearance + exquisite interior, create different heavy trucks

The wind resistance coefficient is low; the V-face angel eye inherits the appearance characteristics of NG80, highlighting the appearance characteristics of Beiben heavy truck; the door acoustic package design, the noise reduction function is significant, and the noise is blocked; The rearview mirror has a wide field of vision and few blind spots, and the right wheel eyebrow can be observed; the front windshield has a wide field of vision to improve the safety factor; automatically adjusts the headlights; and the LED daytime running lights.

Multi-function steering wheel, page up and down, song switching, Bluetooth support; large central control screen, 10.25 inches, support for multiple entertainment functions, navigation; automatic air conditioning, automatic control of cab temperature according to settings; right handrail of the main driver, Improve driver comfort; rear window glass, extra wide sleeper, equipped with sleeper lights. The shifting operating system is lightweight, with low shifting force and short stroke. Remotely control the vehicle to prevent drivers from operating irregularly. The window glass is automatically raised and lowered; there are a large number of storage boxes and a large storage space; three independent sunshades.

Chassis layout for escort

Lightweight trailer gas circuit support, easy to connect and disconnect the trailer gas circuit; Weichai 10.5H 430 horsepower engine, light weight, high reinforcement coefficient, sufficient power; pure aluminum gearbox, stable performance, high transmission efficiency, long service life Complete spare parts and convenient maintenance; lightweight tires, low rolling resistance coefficient, good fuel economy; gas battery bracket integrated on the car ladder, easy to check in and out of the car; urea tank inlet design conforms to ergonomics; fuel filter with Heating function, low temperature environment can start quickly; air filter element, high air filtration efficiency, large ash capacity; friction welding V push, light weight, high strength, large load factor; Beiben 440A single reduction bridge, light weight, transmission efficiency high. 700 liters large fuel tank with long cruising range. The pipeline is smooth and reasonably arranged.

Beibei Heavy Truck's progress in recent years can already be described as rapid. In the future, Beiben Heavy Truck will allocate better resources, improve market competitiveness, and promote the development of China's heavy truck market.

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