13 Feb 2020

In 2020, north toward new heavy vehicle of launching a CK light dump truck, it inherits the original characteristics of reliable, safe and fuel-efficient, relying on north toward weight loss with the latest technology to build a lightweight product, structurally, CK light dump truck matching before breaking balance suspended, after wide narrow new lightweight engine, aluminum alloy frame, transmission configuration, such as full load running, chassis weight 935 kg to 1655 kg, ensure the vehicle weight of compliance, normal listed;

CK lightweight truck engine selection includes WP10H350E50, WP10H375E50, wp12.430e50, gearbox selection 12JSD180T(aluminum), 12JSD200T(aluminum), 7.5 ton high bridge as the front bridge, 13 tons of beibin double reduction bridge as the rear bridge, plate spring selection of less leaf spring (4/5, 4/4/5), is a cost-effective and practical in one of the new delivery vehicle. 

Also released in the same batch is a YK series heavy duty muck truck. Compared with CK series, it can also be used in muck transportation, engineering operations and as a mining vehicle.

At the same time, YK heavy duty dump truck is equipped with integral balanced suspension, new frame with wide front and narrow back, and high-horsepower engine, which can further improve the reliability and safety of the vehicle while meeting the requirements of carrying capacity.

The YK series USES 12JSD180T(iron) and 12JSD200T(iron) for the gearbox, and multiple springs for the plate spring (10/12, 10/10/12).

YK heavy duty dump truck is a set of reliable, safety and performance in one of the multifunctional muck car, worthy of the driver friends attention and love.

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